The Backlog Diary – Entry #1

I’m not expecting to post full reviews of the games I play over the next few years, but I do feel like I need to vent about some of them – some in a good way, some maybe… Read More

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Most of my childhood memories pertaining to video games revolve around a person.  Sometimes it’s a friend, sometimes it’s a loved one – usually, it’s someone I would have played games with, or someone who would have at… Read More

Fight, Samus! For everlasting peace!

Thankfully, my lack of updates for the past week hasn’t been due to anything but me taking a nice trip down south.  No, I didn’t travel to a sunny white beach or tropical island paradise or anything of… Read More

The Nostalgicast!!!

It has happened again;  I’ve neglected the ol’ CPB for far too long. There’s certainly no lack of anything better for me to do, and it’s definitely not due to a lack of interest in video games (old… Read More

“Okay. Can I still be Garth?”

There are games that I rented through the years that were really not that memorable.  For some reason, even though I didn’t have fun with it at all, Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum still manages to bring… Read More

Rapid Fire Game Reviews!

I am currently playing through five (technically six) games on four separate consoles.  I can usually juggle two, or at the very most three at a time, but five or six is beyond anything my brain can handle…. Read More

Breaking and Entering… Minus the Breaking

  Balloon Fight is often treated as Nintendo’s answer to Midway’s arcade classic Joust, but I honestly think it’s the better of the two games. Sure, it came out three years later, and companies had since learned a… Read More

Recollections of days long gone

Games don’t always bring back one specific memory.  They sometimes bring to mind certain things I used to do on a regular basis, or people I used to hang out with, even though it only vaguely relates to… Read More

Bubble Bobble (NES)

  Have you ever gone back to somewhere you used to go, or even where you used to live, looked at a particular spot and said “there – it all happened there”? I’ve been house-sitting my mom’s place… Read More

…and one I just thought about.

I thought I was completely out of memories pertaining to Super Mario Bros., but I was wrong.  This one actually deals more with another game, one I probably won’t dedicate an entire post to otherwise…     My… Read More