The Backlog Diary – Entry #1

I’m not expecting to post full reviews of the games I play over the next few years, but I do feel like I need to vent about some of them – some in a good way, some maybe… Read More

At a Loss…

From the age of 8 until I was about 15, driving around town with my sister was a fun way to get out of the house.  Whether it was in her red ’91 Pontiac Sunbird or her black… Read More

Time moves in one direction, memory in another.

Most of my childhood memories pertaining to video games revolve around a person.  Sometimes it’s a friend, sometimes it’s a loved one – usually, it’s someone I would have played games with, or someone who would have at… Read More

E3 Memories…

People did it on Twitter, and a few other websites did it as well, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon!  Here are some of my favourite E3 memories! 1995 The first E3 brings back a few memories, mainly related to issues of Nintendo Power… Read More

My Top 100: #2 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  Whenever Nintendo Power compiled “best of” lists in its last few years of existence, Ocarina of Time always seemed to end up somewhere at the top of the heap.  Nintendo had a lot to be proud of, and… Read More

My Top 100: #7 – Super Mario 64

  Imagine looking at a rubix cube head-on. You know there’s a possibility of there being more sides to it.  You’re pretty satisfied with looking at the green square, but the green one is nevertheless the only one you’ve ever seen.  You have an… Read More

My Top 100: #15 – Conker’s Bad Fur Day

  It wasn’t the homage to A Clockwork Orange in the intro that got me thinking Conker’s Bad Fur Day was going to be something quite different.  It wasn’t the fact that the story was about a cute,… Read More

My Top 100: #22 – GoldenEye 007

  GameTrailers staff would be pissed if they saw this list!  GoldenEye 007 on a countdown, and it’s not number one???  BLASPHEMY!!! All kidding aside, there’s a reason this game is number one on three different GT countdown… Read More

My Top 100: #33 – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

  The Star Wars Expanded Universe, which is comprised of novels, TV shows and comic books, contains characters and situations that are tailor-made for video games.  Most of the time, however, the games based on the sci-fi franchise are… Read More

My Top 100: #41 – Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

  The end of ’98 was a pretty exciting time for games…  well, for me it was, anyway.  It was the year of Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye 007 and what I considered to be the long awaited “sequel” to Shadows… Read More