The Backlog Diary – Entry #1

I’m not expecting to post full reviews of the games I play over the next few years, but I do feel like I need to vent about some of them – some in a good way, some maybe… Read More


I enjoy kicking back, popping some corn and watching a great flick from time to time.  My DVD collection is extensive enough that I never get tired of the old favourites, but there’s still a pretty big list… Read More

It’s the smell… if there is such a thing.

Every gamer has a list of “hidden gem” games they played growing up.  For me, titles like Felix the Cat, M.C. Kids, Totally Rad, and Power Blade were the third-party games I’d show my “Sega friends” to prove… Read More

A Foam Cup Full o’ Cheetos (TM)

Racing simulators have come a long way since the dawn of video games. In the beginning, there were the top-down games like Atari’s Indy 500 and Grand Prix.  These “sims” were pretty common all the way through to… Read More

It’s Mario, and you Paint

  I don’t consider myself to be the most creative person on the planet, but whenever I do happen to come up with something original – be it musical or anything artistic – I tend to dismiss it… Read More

My Top 100: #8 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  I believe that Zelda games were meant to be played from a top-down perspective. Sure, the age of 3D gaming has been pretty kind to the series, and all of them have been incredible in one way or another. … Read More

My Top 100: #17 – Super Mario World

  I wouldn’t call the Super Mario Bros. series stale, but the last few games haven’t exactly been the most revolutionary of the bunch.  The first New game was incredible, mostly because it went back to the basics of what made… Read More

My Top 100: #18 – Mortal Kombat II

  I never had time to “mentally prepare” myself for Mortal Kombat before it came out.  There were plenty of other fighting games with realistic digitized graphics, and none of them looked particularly great to me.  There was no use getting… Read More

My Top 100: #23 – Mega Man X

  Mega Man X was one of those games that felt completely different from its predecessors.  However, it didn’t re-invent the formula to the point where it no longer felt like the games we had known and loved for years.  It still felt… Read More

My Top 100: #26 – NHL ’94

  There were some Christmas mornings where I got more than I expected.  On one hand, it was fantastic.  On the other, I knew I was getting spoiled more than I probably deserved, which always left me feeling kinda guilty. Off the… Read More