Top 10 Video Game Beginnings!

I recently started playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, which marks my second time through the game.  I originally bought the Wii version at launch, and for the most part, greatly enjoyed the overall experience. Once… Read More

Recollections of days long gone

Games don’t always bring back one specific memory.  They sometimes bring to mind certain things I used to do on a regular basis, or people I used to hang out with, even though it only vaguely relates to… Read More

My Top 100: #39 – Metroid Prime

  Even though Metroid was one of those Nintendo franchises that had been around for a long time, I never really got into any of them. I thought the first game was kinda cool, although I never really had enough… Read More

My Top 100: #78 – Metroid Fusion

  This game might be widely known as the weakest entry in a series that is now more than a quarter-century old.  I’ve been known to go against the gaming grain, though, so it should be no surprise that… Read More

Super Metroid (Super NES)

As mentioned yesterday, Super Metroid was introduced to me by a friend I met in University.  Before then, I had heard a lot about the awesomeness, but never experienced it first hand. When this came out in ’94, my interest in… Read More

Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB)

Though I couldn’t stand this game when I was younger, I decided to go back and play through it. I only marginally liked the first game, but when Metroid II was finally released in ’91, I couldn’t wait… Read More

Defeat the Mother Brain!

My buddy Mitch mentioned that shock of discovering Samus was in fact a woman (not a man, or a robot) was a big deal, back in the day.  That was indeed the case, but the comment jarred a… Read More

Metroid (NES)

This blog entry doesn’t exactly have a vivid memory to go with it, but the game in question does carry a fair amount of nostalgic value for me. Metroid wasn’t a game I played too often as a… Read More