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First and foremost, I guess you should know that my name is Andre.

As a kid, I lived in a small, rural area 20 minutes away from the closest “metropolis” – the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, in eastern Canada.  Most of my school friends lived quite a distance away, but I was fortunate enough to have friends around my neighborhood, and we all more or less got along.  There was one thing that brought and binded us together, however;  video games.

I lived and breathed them, and one might say I was obsessed.  I had subscriptions to magazines, I collected game cards, I had vinyl Mario stickers on my bedroom walls, I rented the latest titles from our corner store (well, got my Mom to do it for me)…  and oh yes, I had the Mario and Zelda bedsheets.

In September of 2011 (one month from now), I will be 28 years old.  I’ve grown up (or, grown older, I should say), recently married my lovely wife and moved on from my old neighborhood, now living in the city’s centre.  Video games are still a huge passion of mine, and though I still pick up the occasional brand new title, I mostly stick to re-playing those games that once gave me that “wow” factor.

Hopefully, creating this blog will help me shed different light on games I’ve already played through countless times, as well as help me recall all those random memories that are still fresh in my mind.\


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  1. I’m actually writing you about a post you have up on youtube. It’s footage of the Dale Jr win in Pocono last weekend. I work for ESPN and we’d love t use that video on air this sunday during race coverage. However we need your permission to do so. Please reach out to me to let us know we can use the video and it’ll make air. Thanks!

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