Before it’s irrelevant… too late!

I didn’t get to finish up my E3 posts like I intended to, but that’s no big deal.  I figured I’d at least try wrap it up before it was time to talk about E3 2014! 1996 Remember when… Read More

E3 Memories…

People did it on Twitter, and a few other websites did it as well, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon!  Here are some of my favourite E3 memories! 1995 The first E3 brings back a few memories, mainly related to issues of Nintendo Power… Read More


I’ve been wanting to justify me buying a WiiU for a while, now. I bought it in January, and although there were a few games that really piqued my curiosity, I didn’t go very far beyond New Super… Read More


E3 2013 is now well under way in Los Angeles, and it’s definitely one of the more memorable shows in recent memory.  Not necessarily for ALL the right reasons, but memorable nonetheless. On one hand, you have Microsoft’s genuine attempt… Read More