My Top 10 Mario Worlds!

When I was a kid, I had it in my head that if I dug a tunnel going underground in our back yard, it would somehow open a portal and bring me to the Mushroom Kingdom.  I might… Read More

My Top 10 Memorable GTA Moments

  It seems that everything in the gaming world right now is revolving around the free-roaming juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto V, and most would say, for good reason.  You can pretty much do whatever the heck… Read More

My Top 10: The Best of the Rest!

I’ve counted down my favourite 8-bit and 16-bit tunes, but there have been quite a few games since that have had very memorable soundtracks.  The only “problem” is that they were across so many different platforms, I’m not really… Read More

My Top 10: Favourite Super NES Tracks!

My iPod is crammed with retro music, mainly from two consoles; the NES, which I counted down my fav’s for already, and the Super NES.  They were the two consoles I spent the most time on, so the… Read More

My Top TEN Favourite NES Music Tracks!

Alright, so to try and avoid making the blog too monotonous, I think I’m gonna make some mini top 10 posts, just S’s and G’s. Top 10 NES tracks!  Only one rule – one song per franchise…  aaaaand… Read More