“You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”

Once again, I’ve fallen a bit behind on the “posting regularly” front.  It’s perfectly alright with me, since you can’t really force this kind of thing.

I recently completed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and began the process of editing cutscenes together to make a movie out them.  My thoughts on the game are quite mixed, since it has some clever puzzles, challenging temples and fun boss battles…  just not a whole lot of them.  It only technically has four temples, where the rest is “fluff”, and not necessarily all of it fun to go through, should you choose to do so.

Even though I have a few negative things to say about it, I loved the atmosphere, and enjoyed the game overall.  I’ll elaborate this in a review some time later on.

I will say this right now, because it needs to be said.  The atmosphere, as dark and grim as it is, wouldn’t be complete without the music to carry the mood even further.

In the final moments of the game’s “Third Day”, just before the moon crashes into Clock Town (the game’s primary setting), the music in the video above slowly creeps up on you.  A timer appears counting down how long you have left before the moon crashes, and the game ends.

You only truly get to listen to the music during an optional side-quest late in the game, where Link is tasked in reuniting two lost lovers.  With less than a minute to spare before their world is destroyed, you’re left waiting with the lovestruck woman until the very end…  when the love of her life finally walks through those doors with barely a minute to spare.

That’s about as much as I can describe without getting too cheesy, but the movie I post will make things a bit clearer.  As you’re waiting for the clock to wind down and the building is constantly shaking from the impending moon collision, you can’t help but think of how weird and truly messed up a situation our own apocalypse would be like.

Not that I believe we’re headed for an apocalypse any time soon.  I just find it fascinating.  That’s all!

Star Wars game post soon!

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