…here’s my collection so far.

RF Generation  kornnut43's Collection

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  1. impressive yeah!
    what software do you use to manage your game collection? excel or something more dedicated?

    i´ve been pondering on game collection mgmt lately (i don´t have any kind of log as of right now) and i thought of two features that i’d like to be able to store:

    1) relationship to game: owned and have it, owned and sold it, played at friends, wishlist, etc…
    2) relationship to content: know it by heart, never played it, would like to play it, in progress, beat it normal, beat it 100%, etc…

    i LOVE your blog

    • Hey there! Glad you enjoy the blog!

      I actually use for my collection tracking. It’s easy and free, and you can add comments to each game you add to your collection. You can also specify if you also own the box and manual for it, if you would like.

      You can export your collection to an Excel file if you want, which I’ve done a time or two. Pretty cool! I highly recommend it!

      Thanks again for reading the blog!

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