Good news, bad news

I found all of my old video game magazines!  I am super pumped about this!  The only problem is that they’re buried behind a ton of other boxes and mattresses, and it’ll take some effort to get to them.

I’m hoping the aforementioned picture of the NES Game Boy converter can be found…  so long as I didn’t burn the GamePro issue it was in.

We had a wood stove in our house, and not knowing where to put my alarmingly huge magazine collection as it grew, I *may* have burned a few issues of Nintendo Power.  I don’t think I recall burning any EGM‘s or anything else, but you never know.  If I were to go back and talk to my 12 year old self, I’d give him an earful!

“Listen, André…  why throw these out?  You’re eventually going to have a blog to laugh at all this stuff, and it would be awesome just to go back and check these out for nostalgia purposes.  And for goodness sake, KEEP THE BOXES YOUR GAMES COME IN.  It’s not just packaging.  GOD.”

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