Super Mario World (Super NES)

Even though the focus of this post is…

1991 - Super NES (Nintendo)

 …the movie I made (posted below) used…

2001 - Game Boy Advance (Nintendo)

I found it had a bit more storytelling material, such as a lengthened introduction.

Super Mario World was a highly anticipated game for me for far, far too long…  here’s the why.

I would read Electronic Gaming Monthly on a regular basis, so much so, that on one car trip to Baie Sainte-Anne, I read (out loud) something from the magazine to my mother in English.  She was shocked, and very proud that I had taught myself how to read in a language other than French!

I even remember what it was that I read to her – it was the caption under a screen shot of Super Mario Bros. 3, of Mario on a cloudy level (probably World 5), ready to make a jump onto one of those damn red, rotatey platforms…  I can even remember which part of the trip it was, too; driving past the jail in Renous.  Strange, how my memory works.

Anyhow, in mid-to-late 1990 there was an issue of EGM with some Bonk game on the cover.  That didn’t warrant too much attention, other than the fact that the 16-bit graphics for it looked phenomenal.  It was just another game for another console I’d never own, anyway (the TurboGraphx-16).  Among the other features in the issue…  wait…  is that… no way… 

There was no way I was walking out of the store without this.

Super Mario 4….  huh…  I could hardly contain myself.  As I got to the game’s preview, I was greeted by a map of “Dino Land”.  The graphics seemed so colorful and detailed!  And just who was this character named “Dino” Mario was riding??

I was equally mesmerized by the cape! It certainly made more sense than a Raccoon Tail...

There were four pages of previews, and I had those four pages to stare at and salivate about for another year.  This would be brutal.
As time went on, more previews would surface.  I eventually realized that Super Mario Bros. 4 was in fact Super Mario World…  “Dino” would become known as Yoshi, and many Nintendo Power issues would hype the game and new console, month after month…  then, this came in the mail.
Perfect for Mario fanatics like me!

Not only did this fantastic NP exclusive include tidbits about every single Mario game in existence (not to mention the ones in which he had a cameo), Mario Mania included thorough level maps and tips for every single stage of a game that wasn’t even out for another month or two…  Super Mario World.

This did nothing but render me obsessed with the magazine until I would get my hands on the game…  that came during the first week of Grade 3.
My mom was awfully trusting to let me get my hands on such a time-waster so early on in the school year, but there I was on a lunch break, calling her up to see if she had managed to get her hands on a console.  Like the Wii, the Super NES was in short supply for a while, which is why we only managed to get it about a month after it came out.  I called home from the library at school, and she confirmed that, indeed, she had purchased almighty Super NES, which came packed with Super Mario World.  She had also rented a game called Joe and Mac, which was fun.
Waiting for that school day to end was sheer torture, but I babbled about it with friends…  I was the frickin’ man for a while.  Everyone wanted to talk to me about it, which was weird, because I was far from a popular kid.
I finally got home, played the game, and was instantly (obviously) hooked.
And what a perfect console it was…

Like I said, I chose Super Mario Advance 2 simply due to the amount of content.  Like the other Mario games, I had to do a bit of embellishing…  aside from the intro and castle-destroying sequences (which I always loved watching as a kid), there’s not a whole lot to show.

By the way, those castles looked a heck of a lot smaller from the outside…  wasn’t I just crossing a lava-filled chasm and spiked battering rams for 10 minutes?  Here I am, I could have just jumped *over* the castle, but I had to go in it…  dammit.

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