My Top 100: #87 – Rock Band 3

2010 – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS (Harmonix, MTV Games)


There are only three of these rhythm games on my countdown, and they’re all on it for various reasons.  Rock Band 3 is on it because it is the ultimate realization of the Guitar Hero dream.

The dinky plastic drums had been around since the first game in the franchise, and downloadable track packs were now widely accepted as the new normal…  but from the get-go, even before the first one came out, I thought a Piano\Keyboard Hero game was a must.  I wasn’t sure how it would be pulled off, or how ridiculous it might be, but it would be fantastic!

Lo and behold, the keyboard peripheral was released alongside RB3 in late 2010, opening up a world of possibilities for downloadable content!  Not only that, but my wife was now more willing to play it with me!  Whoo!



As mentioned above, the setlists are greatly expanded, thanks to the inclusion of keys.  Artists like Lady Gaga (you know, for when I play with my niece…), Queen, Meat Loaf and Fleetwood Mac all joined in, along with countless 80’s and 90’s hits you’d never be able to play properly without some kind of keyboard.

So, taking into account previous Rock Band setlists (which you can rip to your HD to avoid having to change games all the time) and downloadable tracks, you’re looking at about 1,500 songs to choose from (at the least) on this game when playing at home, or rocking out at a party.  That is somewhat insane.

The inclusion of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” alone makes the game worth buying!


“Did he just… no, no, he didn’t. Let’s keep dancing.”

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