Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

Ah yes…  such simple box art, yet it works so well.  Everything you need to know is right there, on the cover;  “it’s Mario, he’s got a racoon tail, and he’s going to blow your mind.”  The game’s tagline is also appropriate…

1990 - Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo)

Nearing the end of my very difficult Grade 1, I had a feeling that I would fail and be held back a year.  I honestly can’t tell you if those fears were legitimate or not, because the only subject I vividly remember tanking was Math.  I don’t know if my French, Phys-Ed, Art, and everything else was fine or not…  but the Math certainly wasn’t, and that’s all I can recall.  I had to go to a special remedial after-hours class, and not only did I hate having to do more of the one subject I hated, I couldn’t stand the thought of not being regarded as an equal to my friends in the same grade.  It stressed me out a lot more than it really should a 6 year old.

Eventually, I moved out of this remedial class and learned the rest of the year’s Math curriculum with my classmates.  I still struggled, but was able to limp to the end of the year with a passing grade.  I ended up successfully moving onto Grade 2, and what ended up being my worst year (educationally) was behind me.

In May or June of 1990, not long before the end of the school year, my Mom would bring a game out in a clear plastic bag every once in a while.  It was Super Mario Bros. 3, the absolute juggernaut of a game that had been out a few months, and gaming magazines I would read wouldn’t shut up about it.  I thought Mom was renting it every time I was vigilent with my homework, and getting decent grades on tests.  It helped give me something to strive for, even though you’d think trying not to be held back a year would be enough motivation…  anyway.

As it turned out, she had actually bought the game at around its release back in February.  She was wise to keep it away from me for a while (as to not distract me from what was important), and give me something to shoot for when it counted.  Smart lady!

I was all set for a summer chock full o’ Magic Whistles, Tanooki Suits and Kuribo’s Shoes!

Making a movie out of this one took a little bit of embellishing.  I thought that maybe just including all the “king has been transformed” scenes between levels 1 and 8 would become a bit repetitive and boring.  To make things a little more interesting, at least, I tried to get an overview of every map, every game, every Toad House, and also every possible reaction from a King when wearing a different uniform.  I always found the King of World 7 to be somewhat strange, all askin’ if he can trade clothes with Mario…  sketchy.

For the next few posts, I’ll be veering away from Mario games just a bit…

3 Comments on “Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)

  1. This is, without one bit of hesitation, my all-time favourite game. I have played great games since (and a few before), but none have compared to the absolute perfection Mario 3 showcases.

    We really have to co-op this one someday, start to finish. No whistles.

  2. Also, I always thought that when small (regular-sized) Mario entered those minigames, the way he’s standing makes him look like he’s in uncomfortable high heels.

  3. I agree that we definitely need to play it… our New Year’s Flute Fly-Through was intense, though!

    As for my all-time favourite game, to me, it changes all the time. I can never choose only one. 🙁 This one would at least be one of those games, however.

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