My Top TEN Favourite NES Music Tracks!

Alright, so to try and avoid making the blog too monotonous, I think I’m gonna make some mini top 10 posts, just S’s and G’s.

Top 10 NES tracks!  Only one rule – one song per franchise…  aaaaand go!


10.  Wrecking Crew – Main Theme

I always thought that this was the perfect music for strategizing.  I never found it repetitive at all, which is surprising, considering it pretty much plays throughout the entire game.


9.  Little Nemo: The Dream Master – Intro

Admittedly, you’ll eventually be seeing this game on my other countdown.  Though there were other memorable tracks in the game (it’s by Capcom, so, duh), the intro music just seemed to set the tone nicely with this memorable little ditty.  Very old-time-circus-ey.


8.  Adventure Island II – Cave Theme (apparently called “Lake Island 2”??)

The Adventure Island games were always a bit hectic because of Master Higgins’ health meter.  When you’re running through caves filled with monsters, rolling boulders and lava, it just fits the mood perfectly.  Catchy, too!


7.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Stage Theme 2

This game was tough, but man, did the music ever kick ass!  This was the music for the stage before the underwater bomb diffusing, and it was pretty fun to hum along to.  The way the beat changes up every few seconds…  great stuff.


6.  Metroid – Kraid’s Lair

Though the original Metroid didn’t make it on my list of favourite games, I consider the game’s music among the best the NES had to offer.  The Kraid’s Lair theme was the most haunting of the bunch, and it’s by far my favourite from the game.


5.  DuckTales – Moon

There were a lot of things that were awesome about this game, and the music just sent it over the top.


4.  Super Mario Bros. 3 – Overworld 2

Of all the Mario themes that I’ve heard over the years, none of them sounded as FUN as this one.  I was quite thrilled to hear a remix of it in the Super Mario Galaxy titles, as well!


3.  Mega Man 3 – Snake Man Theme

This was a tough choice, just because there’s so much great Mega Man music to choose from.  Guts Man, Skull Man, Mega Man 2‘s Dr. Wily Stage 1…  all great tunes that bow to the greatness of Snake Man’s theme!


2.  The Legend of Zelda – Ending

Even after looking at all the epic music from Zelda II, I decided that this was my favourite 8-bit Zelda tune.  It just seemed like such a happy-go-lucky melody to end a challenging game with.


1.  Contra – Base Theme

This one is just so damn catchy, it makes me wanna boogie.  And then I start boogie-ing, and quickly realize I have rolling tubes and jumpin’ and shootin’ fellas to avoid.  Video game music at its best!



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