Workin’ on it!

I only have limited experience in website upkeep and design, so this is still a learning process for me…  so, please, bear with me!

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because of my current video game “project”.  At around the time games went 3D, got cutscenes and became a way of telling a grand story, I thought to myself…  “wouldn’t it be a cool idea to take all the storytelling scenes, be it FMV cutscenes or text-driven sequences, then paste them all together to make one big movie???”

It seems like a bit of a silly idea to me, looking back on it.  All I had was a 14-inch television and a VCR in my bedroom, but I went on with it.  There were some difficulties at getting it to look right at first, but I managed to get the timing down – knowing exactly when to push record on my VCR’s remote became quite the challenge!

Since then, I’ve made a few of my “video game movies”, as well as a compilation of every single Mortal Kombat Fatality ever.  Thankfully, I have some new ways of recording and editing these clips together, which make it much easier to compile them into one cohesive video.

If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve done so far, look me up on YouTube!  My username is kornnut43, and though there are a fair amount of NASCAR videos on there (it’s another passion of mine…), my pet project will eventually take center stage.

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