Recollections of days long gone

Games don’t always bring back one specific memory.  They sometimes bring to mind certain things I used to do on a regular basis, or people I used to hang out with, even though it only vaguely relates to… Read More

My Top 100: #18 – Mortal Kombat II

  I never had time to “mentally prepare” myself for Mortal Kombat before it came out.  There were plenty of other fighting games with realistic digitized graphics, and none of them looked particularly great to me.  There was no use getting… Read More

Not back to the countdown yet…

…but this was so fascinating, I couldn’t help but share.  I was mezmerized, from start to finish. It takes about 50 seconds to get going, but it’s a video demonstrating the construction of Ms. Pac Man cabinets.

My Top 100: #45 – Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

  Sadly, this is one of the few games on my countdown that I will probably never own.  I might be able to pick up an old console here or there, and maybe a cartridge or two that I remember playing… Read More

My Top 100: #75 – Guerrilla War

  Ports of old arcade games are still released from time to time, either as part of a compilation disc or as downloadable titles.  I often jump at the chance to buy them, since I get to experience… Read More

“We will watch your career with great interest!”

I’ve always had a love\hate relationship with pinball.  On one hand, what’s not to like about the colourful chaos that comes with getting on a point-scoring rampage?  Lights are flashing, the immaculately shiny ball is dancing and darting… Read More