My Top 100: #28 – Super Return of the Jedi

  For most of us hardcore Star Wars fanatics, it’s quite easy to remember just what it was that made us fall in love with that galaxy far, far away.  For me, it was Super Return of the Jedi. Whenever people… Read More

My Top 100: #36 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

  I’ve already shared my more vivid memories about this game (two in one post, actually), so let’s just talk about the game for a change. I’ve mentioned it before, but the music in Turtles in Time is some… Read More

My Top 100: #38 – Contra III: The Alien Wars

  There was a time that sequels didn’t have to blow your mind to be successful.  All they had to do was deliver;  just create a game with more of the same, only bigger and better-looking, and call it a day. … Read More

My Top 10: Favourite Super NES Tracks!

My iPod is crammed with retro music, mainly from two consoles; the NES, which I counted down my fav’s for already, and the Super NES.  They were the two consoles I spent the most time on, so the… Read More

My Top 100: #53 – Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse

  Capcom was really on it with their Disney games.  Aside from TailSpin, I played and greatly enjoyed all of the NES Disney games released under the Capcom banner.  From Adventures in the Magic Kingdom to DuckTales (and… Read More

My Top 100: #56 – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

  I mentioned this in the Stunt Race FX and Donkey Kong Country posts, but Nintendo was pretty stoked about the Super FX chip and Advanced Computer Modelling.  Not surprisingly, the Super FX2 chip was in the works not long afterwards,… Read More

My Top 100: #62 – Super Adventure Island II

  Of all the folks I know that grew up with 8-bit games, very few of them were as enamored with the Adventure Island series as I was.  I guess it all comes down to those moments we… Read More

My Top 100: #64 – The Death and Return of Superman

  It pretty much says it all in the title, doesn’t it? I spent a very small portion of my early double-digit years honestly believing I could be Superman if I tried hard enough.  I watched Lois and Clark on Sunday nights, had… Read More

My Top 100: #65 – Donkey Kong Country

  In the last post, I mentioned that I loved snowy levels in video games.  After looking at my “super-secret” top 100 list to see which game I’d be writing about next, I found it funny that it was a snowy level… Read More

My Top 100: #70 – Kyle Petty’s No Fear Racing

  Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a NASCAR fan.  My sister had been to a race at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania in ’95, and it piqued my curiosity.  I watched a few races here and there, but… Read More